Eyelash Extensions in Orem

What is eyelash extension? This is a practice that has become common globally especially among women. Eye lash extension deals with the enhancement of the length, fullness and thickness of the eyelashes. Eyelash extension in Orem is done through the use of artificial hair made out of silk or mink. The extension is then performed by experts who use strips and clusters to apply the extension.

Before you visit an eye lash extension center in Orem, there are facts you need to know about the whole procedure. For instance, many people wonder whether the process is harmful to health and whether there are side effects to using eyelash extensions. How much does the eyelash extension process cost? Here are some important facts you need to know on eyelash extension Orem:

  • Eye lash extension gives women a naturally beautiful look

Lash extensions when done on women will give them the natural, beautiful look they always long for. Eye lash extension, when done by an experienced salonist in Orem, will never disappoints any woman.

Known as the greatest breakthrough in the field of cosmetology, eye lash extensions are way better than daily application of mascara and exceed the heartbreaks caused by using false lashes. All it takes is a single appointment with a salonist and you have the lashes of your desires.

  • How long do eyelash extensions last

When trained aestheticians in Orem apply lash extensions for you, they hold onto place for a month! However, when it comes to removing them, you will not need another appointment at the saloon.

Eyelash extensions are attached to natural eyelashes with a long-lasting glue. Thus, they only fall out when natural eye lashes fall out. What makes them much better is that they will not need additional makeup in order to look great. Once done, they will always look beautiful until the day they fall out.

  • Other benefits of eye lash extensions

There are many benefits of using eyelash extension with some of them being the ease at which the process is done (the process takes 2 hours maximum in a saloon), the cost effectiveness of using eye lash extensions and the fact that lash extensions can be customized to meet your needs and preferences. They will always look great without much work in the mornings and thus they save you on time during dressing.